Engineering Intern

Waipahu, HI posted on September 22


POSITION SUMMARY:  Provides support to Project Managers and Project Administrator for sales and delivery process of new engines. Prepare submittals, commissioning and testing plans, and schedules for EPG, Industrial, and Marine projects. Assist in performance of engineering analysis and design of custom packaged reciprocating engine systems using Caterpillar and other manufacturer's application and installation guidelines.



  1. Maintain job related documents in an organized manner (PC skills required) and in accordance with the procedures established and as needed for each specific project under the direction of the Project Administrator.
  2. Assist administrative personnel in the preparation of contracts, purchase orders, and engineering submittals and operating manuals, per contract requirements.
  3. Prepare information for submittal, engineering review, as-built documentation and final operation and maintenance manuals in support of specific projects using electronic files.
  4. Participate in job walks, coordination meetings, and site visit to support the overall sales process and equipment startup.
  5. Work with Service Shop in the testing and startup of equipment as required by the specifications.
  6. Estimate and track work schedule with emphasis on completing assigned projects in a timely and professional manner.
  7. Identify resources needed to maintain project schedules and commitments.
  8. Maintain sales and project management programs and update databases.
  9. Prepare detailed record(s) of all project and engineering documents.
  10. Maintain daily activity summary for supervisors and work with the individual project managers in completing assignments, as directed.


  1. Enrollment in an accredited 4-year Engineering Program with minimum of two years of course study.
  2. Must have ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously.
  3. PC skills required.
  4. Experience with Microsoft Office is required.
  5. Must have ability to communicate technical information as related to environmental permitting, electrical performance, and mechanical system installation and operation.


TESTING REQUIREMENTS:  Applicants may be required to pass a written and/or oral examination before being considered for employment in this position.



  1. Walking and moving about on foot often through uneven terrain.
  2. Handling:  Seizes, helps or works with hands.
  3. Lifting:  Raises or lowers miscellaneous documents.
  4. Reaching:  Extends hands and arms in any direction.
  5. Stooping:  Bends body downward and forward by bending at knees or waist.
  6. Standing:  Remains in standing position if required to perform various functions of the job.
  7. Climbing:  In and out of equipment.
  8. Vision:  Read documents.
  9. Talking:  Communications by radio, phone, and in person.
  10. Sitting:  Sits in equipment and in vehicles.



  1. Noise:  Works in conditions with constant or intermittent noise.
  2.  Temperatures/Weather:  Works in a warehouse and outside with variations of temperature and weather.
  3.  Exposure:  Foul odors, fumes and harsh substances.


ACCOMMODATIONS:   Reasonable accommodations for essential functions of the position will be considered.


Hawthorne Cat® is an Equal Employment Opportunity/M/F/disability/protected veteran status.

Hawthorne Cat® Participates in E-Verify.