Shower Stall Renovation - Honolulu, HI

More May 3

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    Photo of the wood rot from under the shower stall!
  • 49e54e97d1fc7eb4f9e2e1eccb3122ca
    Cultured Marble Shower Pan.
  • 695e6579f46c295c9e7824bc68e089f4
    Installation of the Shower Pan & Panels!
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    Another Photo!
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    Different pictures through out the project!
  • 206ded0ef52524c5de8018133357c663
    And Another!
  • F0d7a66bf85ab2637076b95869282616
    We do OLDER & NEWER HOME Shower Stall Renovation & Bathroom Remodeling!
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    And Another!
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    Repaired floor joists under shower floor!
  • 9bd71073f7e71b1f8f515e446b866c62
    Before the start of this project picture!
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    Double Protection, Hardie-Backer Board and RedGuard!
  • 2370215095d1ded124dc343a5c2f6a3b
    Cultured Marble Panels!
  • B425789ff2e30085a83b64f809509a40
    White on White Cultured Marble Panels!
  • Aae926df6a83883aded982f862664b98
    Shower Stall Renovation - Finished Product!